My Month in Pictures: February

I know, I know, I’m a little late with this one but better late than never, right? I love scrolling through all the ‘my month in pictures’ posts on Instagram so I’ve had a good old trawl through my phone and this is how February looked…

March large

1. Beach fun in Cornwall – a weekend away to Cornwall in February – pretty risky, right? As long as you don’t mind a bit of rain (I say a bit, I mean a torrential downpour) and a slight breeze (hurricaine force winds, okay, maybe a slight exaggeration but it sure felt like it!) then Cornwall is the perfect place to visit in February. We stayed in a lovely, dog friendly apartment at Tolcarne Beach and it was uh-may-zing. They even left us some homemade scones and a bottle of bubbly as they knew it was my birthday – fabulous!

2. Valentine’s Day – of course, the obligatory Valentine’s Day post. Hubs made me breakfast in bed and I felt like a queen!

3. Belated birthday antics – a night out with my bestie? Yes please! My Mum felt the need to remind me before I went that I was now a married woman and should behave like a grown up (pfft, puuuurlease!) Of course, everything looks better in black and white.

4. My new favourite fabric – this gorgeous pink linen is my absolute fave (it’s Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in Dusty Rose in case you’re wondering). Expect to see lots more of it in my Etsy shop!

5. Embroidered Necklaces – I was absolutely shocked when my shop sold out (did I mention that you guys are the best?!) so had to re-list these little lovelies pretty sharpish. I’m a little bit (when I say a little bit, I mean a LOT) obsessed with florals so of course, when I started to stitch I absolutely had to learn how to embroider flowers. I’ve had lots of people ask me how I stitch these little flowers and i’m working on a video tutorial (eeeek!) so watch this space!

6. Box Room Bazaar – Oh.em.gee…how cute is this little Tilly hoop?! I came across Box Room Bazaar on Etsy and fell in love! As soon as I saw Sharon’s gorgeous pet portraits I just knew I had to have one to add to our hoop wall. I think Tilly’s pretty pleased with it too.

7. Current work set up – I love Tilly, I really really do. However, having her use my hand and/or laptop as a pillow when I’m trying to work is not ideal. Not ideal but still pretty damn cute.

8. Packing orders – I really didn’t expect so many people to buy my necklaces so I was a little stumped when it came to packaging. Luckily, I went a little crazy with the tissue paper order for our wedding last year (you can never have too many pompoms. Fact.) so had lots of fun wrapping. And tying. And taping. Any excuse for washi tape and twine, right?

9. Needle Keeper – what an AMAZING invention!!! Seriously, I have lost count of the number of times I have been crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find a needle that I’ve dropped. Do I have that problem now I have my handy needle keeper? No siree! I got mine from the lovely Itty Bitty Bunnies – floral and practical. Definitely a winner.

Rosie new


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